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Where Engineering Meets Creativity

Handmade decor that makes your house feel like home

Get Ready For Summer

Engineers can be creative too

Engineered Artistry is where creativity and engineering collide. Run by a PhD student in Materials Engineering, Engineered Artistry presents a unique take on all things handmade.

About the Maker

My name is Taylor Sloop, and I have a passion for knitting. I started knitting when I was 10 years old so that I could make my cousin a Christmas Stocking. Now, I've expanded my skills to include blankets, scarves, sweaters, and more

I'm also earning my PhD in Materials Engineering, so I only choose the best materials for my products. I can also customize or design anything since knitting is all math, and I have years of training in calculus and statistics.

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It's never to early to shop for Christmas

Handmade Christmas stockings take time to make, so be prepared for this Christmas by placing your orders early

Unique Christmas Decor

  • Recreating Your Stockings

    I can recreate any knit stocking so that you can add new stockings for all new members of your family, from in-laws to grandbabies.

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  • Custom Stocking Designs

    I can design a unique stocking just for you using things like your favorite book logo or favorite sport

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  • Custom Family Sets

    With a custom family set of stockings, each member of your family has their own unique center design, but all other parts of the stockings are identical. This creates a cohesive look for your mantle while allowing everyone to be unique!

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