Recreation Stockings

Through some ingenious math, I can recreate your traditional family Christmas stocking from just pictures. Get a new stocking for the new in-law or grandbaby in your family to make them feel included.
  • Antique Angel Stocking

  • Antique Sleigh Stocking

  • Antique Santa Stocking

  • Antique Candle Stocking

What do I need from you?

If your family stocking is knit, I can recreate it! All I need are pictures to make a replica of your stocking!

I will need pictures of each section of your stocking as well as the heel and toe so that I can design a similar stocking. I will also need to know the size of the stitches to match the size of your stocking, so I will also need pictures with a ruler placed horizontally and vertically on the stocking.

With these pictures, I will create a chart of your stocking and send it to you for approval to be sure I didn't miss any details due to the limitations of the pictures. After that, I will whip up your stocking and mail it to you!

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