Stuffed Animals for Kids

Stuffed Animals for Kids

Kids always love playing with animal stuffies but it can be tricky finding the right one! To help with that, I've curated a list of 10 stuffed animals for kids so that you can find the perfect plushie for the kids in your life!

Stuffed Animals for Kids

Are you looking for a big stuffed animal or a small one? Do you want the colors to look like the animal or a fun color your kids love? These are the main questions you want to think about before you dive into these adorable stuffies. And just to let you know, I offer free custom colors for all of my stuffies, so message me for more information!

Stuffed Bear

Stuffed bear for kids

 My stuffed bear is a big, snuggly stuffed animal that's a perfect friend for your little one! He's big and squishy and has a timeless design that may remind you of your own stuffed bear when you were little.

Stuffed Bee

Stuffed bee for kids

 My stuffed bee is a fun, small little plushie that any kid can fit their hands around. He can be a little special toy sitting on the shelf, or he's small enough to fit in your diaper bag to bring with you wherever you go!

Stuffed Bunny

Stuffed bunny for kids

My stuffed bunny is a cute little plushie for Lent through the summer! With her cute little dress and puffy little ears, she will quickly become one of your kid's favorite stuffed animals.

 Stuffed Dog

Stuffed Dog for kids
My stuffed dog is a big 'ole plushie with adorable floppy ears and a soft body that's perfect for squeezing!

Stuffed Elephant

Stuffed elephant for kids
With his big ears, my stuffed elephant is the perfect stuffed animal for your kid to talk to and play with all day long!

Stuffed Hippo

Stuffed hippo for kids

My stuffed hippo is the perfect cuddle size for your little ones, and he's so unique that you never have to worry about confusing your stuffy with another child's.

Stuffed octopus

Stuffed octopus for kids
The fun tentacles on my stuffed octopus will keep your child entertained for hours playing with their new animal plushie!

Stuffed Owl

Stuffed owl for kids
My stuffed owl is the perfect little toy for your growing kids, especially since it's so easy to mix up the color of the owl to your kid's favorite color!

Stuffed Penguin

Stuffed penguin for kids
My stuffed penguin is one of my personal favorite plushies, and I've collected many over the years. He's such a cute little creature that your kids will love playing with.

Stuffed Sea Turtle

Stuffed Sea Turtle for kids
My stuffed sea turtle is perfect for any kids who loved Nemo or just love the ocean. Now, they can play around with their own sea creature in the comfort of your home.
I've listed out quite a few cute, handmade stuffed animal options for your kids for this year, but they are running out quick! 
Get the perfect gift for your kids now with my stuffed animals!
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