10 Games & Activities for Baby Showers

10 Games & Activities for Baby Showers

Looking for ideas on how to entertain guests at your upcoming baby shower? Here are 10 Games & Activities for Baby Showers you need to see! Some are classics that you may have played before, but we also hope to introduce you to some new unique baby shower games, too. Make sure to check out our site for even more great lifestyle blogs like this one, and shop handmade gift for new moms!

10 Games & Activities for Baby Showers

We've curated a list of 10 delightful games and activities that are sure to entertain everyone at your upcoming celebration. Whether you're a fan of classic baby shower games or looking for some fresh ideas, we've got you covered!

Baby Shower Games

Baby Bingo

A timeless favorite, Baby Bingo adds an element of excitement as guests mark off items on their bingo cards as the mom-to-be opens her gifts. Customize the bingo cards with items like "diapers," "onesies," and "pacifiers" for a personalized touch!

Guess the Baby Food

Put your guests' taste buds to the test with this hilarious game! Remove the labels from jars of baby food and have everyone guess the flavor. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize!

Diaper Derby

Divide guests into teams and challenge them to see who can diaper a baby doll the fastest. This game is not only entertaining but also provides some valuable practice for soon-to-be parents!

Baby Name Game

Provide guests with a list of potential baby names (real or fictional) and have them guess the meanings or origins of each name. It's a fun way to spark conversation and share name suggestions with the parents-to-be!

Decorate Onesies

Set up a crafting station with plain onesies, fabric markers, and iron-on patches, and let guests unleash their creativity! The parents will cherish these personalized onesies long after the baby shower is over.

Advice Cards

Invite guests to share their pearls of wisdom and parenting advice by writing messages on cute cards. These heartfelt notes will serve as a cherished keepsake for the new parents as they embark on their journey into parenthood.

Baby Photo Match-Up

Ask guests to bring along a baby photo of themselves and display them on a board. Challenge everyone to match the baby photos with the correct guest! It's a delightful trip down memory lane and a great conversation starter.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Test your guests' knowledge of classic nursery rhymes with a fun quiz! Provide excerpts from well-known rhymes and see who can correctly identify the missing words or complete the verses.

Baby Trivia

Put your guests' baby-related knowledge to the test with a trivia game. Prepare a list of questions about pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care, and award prizes to the guests with the most correct answers!

Baby Shower Mad Libs

Baby Shower Mad Libs is a fun way to get your entire party laughing! Create hilarious stories by asking guests to fill in the blanks with nouns, adjectives, and verbs related to babies and parenting.

See any games you like? Let us know which one(s) you’re playing! And don't forget to visit our site for more lifestyle blogs like this one, as well as handmade gifts perfect for new moms. Happy baby shower planning!

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