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Stuffed Easter Egg - Striped

Stuffed Easter Egg - Striped

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If you are looking for a new set of Easter Eggs for this year's Easter Egg Hunt for your little ones this year, then Engineered Artistry has the perfect options for you! These eggs are super cute and come in many different colors and styles!


These stuffed Easter eggs make preparing the Easter egg hunt easier since you don't have to stuff them with candy! They can also be reused year after year with no concerns about breaking them. They are also kid friendly since they are soft to the touch but too large to swallow.


You can purchase an individual egg color in a pack of 6 and 12 at a discount! If you would like to mix and match your egg colors in the half dozen or dozen packs, reach out for a custom order!

Zitlali says, "Purchased several colors they were very well made, would definitely recommend"


These Easter eggs come in many different colors, so you could even set up a hunt with everyone searching for a specific color of egg! This is great when you have many different ages looking for eggs.


If you don't see the colors you want, feel free to reach out for a custom order to get the perfect set of Easter eggs for your Easter Egg Hunt this year!



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