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Reusable Water Balloons

Reusable Water Balloons

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Summer is coming, and with it, water balloon fights! Water balloons usually require more time to prep and clean up than to actually play with them, so we have a quick fix for you! Our reusable water balloons are easy to prep, easy to clean, and can be used over and over again!

Simply drop the balloons in a bucket of water, throw them, and repeat. No picking up plastic after the fight or spending an hour wrangling the garden hose. To clean the balloons, rinse them with water and throw them in the dryer. That's it! No muss, no fuss.

These water balloons can be used in the yard, at the pool, or even on a trampoline! They can be used over and over again, no prep or clean up required.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry


6 inches long by 3 inches wide

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