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Engineered Artistry

Heirloom Archangel Stocking

Heirloom Archangel Stocking

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Christmas morning is filled with the sounds of kids laughing and O Come All Ye Faithful playing quietly in the background with the opened presents spread across the floor. As you watch the controlled craziness spreading throughout your home, your eyes light on your beautiful heirloom stockings hanging on your perfectly decorated mantle.

Creating a beautiful, welcoming home on Christmas morning that fosters memories for years to come stems from traditions that you start. One of the most treasured traditions in many families is opening Christmas stockings together. These stockings will be used every year, both as the centerpiece of your Christmas home decor as well as the first present opened on Christmas morning.

Investing in an heirloom Christmas stocking will allow your family to build a tradition that will last a lifetime with a stocking that will stand the test of time.

Hand knit stockings are created with amazing attention to detail that makes each stocking unique. With the personalization offered for every Christmas stocking, each member of your family will be proudly represented on your mantle.

With the emphasis on presents on Christmas morning, it’s important to remind your family that Christmas celebrates Christ’s birth first and God’s grace and mercy. The Archangel stocking will bring Christ front and center even while opening stockings.

These heirloom stockings are created from 100% acrylic yarn that is the perfect combination of soft and durable. Stockings made from this supple yarn will last a life time. Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, the exact colors may be slightly different from those shown in the example photos as well as from each other. Additionally, these stockings should be hand washed in cool water and laid flat to dry.


I have quite a few Christmas stocking designs, so you are sure to find the perfect Christmas stocking for everyone in your family.

  • Angel Stocking
  • Cabin Stocking
  • Cat Stocking
  • Dancing Deer Stocking
  • Dog Stocking
  • Dinosaur Stocking
  • Gingerbread Stocking
  • Heirloom Santa Stocking
  • Holly Stocking
  • Jeep Stocking
  • Nativity Stocking
  • Poinsettia Stocking
  • Santa in a Chimney Stocking
  • Sailboat Stocking
  • Santa Stocking
  • Snowflake Stocking
  • Striped Stocking
  • Teddy Bear Stocking
  • Train Stocking
  • Tree and Truck Stocking

All stockings are made in the USA by a female-owned business. Each stocking takes between 6 and 8 hours to make.

Care Instructions

Acrylic: Handwash cool, air dry flat


Acrylic: about 24" by 17" circumference

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Engineered Artistry

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