Celebrate Lent with a Prayer Blanket

Celebrate Lent with a Prayer Blanket

Celebrate Lent with a prayer blanket to incorporate prayer, sacrifice, and charity into your Lenten plans. Lent is a period of prayer, sacrifice, and charity, and making a handmade prayer blanket let's you practice all three at once. Since you are making this blanket to donate to someone else, you are donating your time, skills, and money (yarn can be expensive!) to make this blanket, as well as sacrificing your free time to finish during Lent. As you make this lap blanket, you should pray for the person who will receive it so that it is a special gift from you they will treasure forever.


To make the prayer blanket this Lent, Engineered Artistry will be hosting a knit-a-long throughout the holy season. Each week, I will release new directions for each day of the week to keep you on track with your knitting all seven weeks!


If I've convinced you to make a prayer blanket with me this Lent, here's what you will need:

  • One set of size US 13 (9mm) straight needles
  • I Love This Yarn Chunky Yarn in your favorite colors (available at Hobby Lobby)
  • Tapestry needle or other sewing needle

 Yarn and knitting needles needed to make the Lent Prayer Blanket

This blanket is made of 9 squares, so you can choose up to 9 colors! You will need a little less than 1 ball of yarn for each square of the blanket. My recommendations for the amount of yarn needed are below:

  • With 1 color, you will need 6 balls of yarn total
  • With 2 colors, you will need 3 balls of yarn for the 4-block color and 4 balls of yarn for the 5-block color
  • With 3 colors, you will need 2 balls of yarn for each color

To help you plan out what you want your blanket to look like, you can use this graphic! Be sure to fill it out before you start working on your blanket.

Planner for Lent Prayer Blanket Knit-A-Long


If you want to see an example of how to use this planner, see my own planner below! I chose to use only two colors in an alternating pattern, so I highlighted each square with the color I want it to be. Then, I wrote in the name of the yarn color I will use. Check my planner out below!

Lent prayer blanket planner filled out with the example blanket colors

This blanket is perfect for beginners, so it's a great first project! You will only need three skills: cast on, knit stitch, and cast off. If you aren't familiar with one of these techniques, you can see my step-by-step directions in these videos!

Casting on

Knit Stitch

Casting off


By following along on this knit-a-long journey, you can celebrate Lent by knitting a prayer blanket for someone in your community. For each week, I will post directions that will walk you through your knitting goals for each day to complete your prayer blanket on time. As each is released, I will update the links below!

If you don't want to wait for each week to release, you can purchase the full pattern right now!

Week 1

Week 2 - not released yet

Week 3 - not released yet

Week 4 - not released yet

Week 5 - not released yet

Week 6 - not released yet

Week 7 - not released yet

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