Week 1 of the Lent Prayer Blanket Knit-A-Long

Week 1 of the Lent Prayer Blanket Knit-A-Long

Thank you so much for choosing to make a prayer blanket with me this Lent! If you don't already have the supplies you need, you can get the list on this page


The basic construction of this blanket is 9 squares all sewn together at the end. Therefore, only the basic knit stitch is needed throughout this project. Each day, you will work on a little bit more of a square, and then you will spend the last four days sewing the squares together and weaving in your ends! Sounds easy, but staying consistent with knitting each day is a challenge. Do your best to stay current, but you can always use each Sunday to catch up on what you missed!


Before you start, be sure to fill out the worksheet on this page to keep track of what color you should use for each square!

Square prayer blanket laying on a gray couch 

Day 1 (February 14th):

Today, you will start on your first square! First thing's first, grab your size 13 (9mm) straight needles and the yarn color you need for your first square. Check your blanket planner to be sure you make the square in the right color!

Now, you will cast on 27 stitches. Here is a tutorial I made in case you aren't sure how to cast on stitches!

Be sure to count the number of stitches on your needle twice. If you don't have the right number of stitches, your square won't be the same size as mine.

Now that you have 27 stitches, you are going to knit across the entire needle 1 time. If you aren't sure how to do a knit stitch, check out this tutorial that I made for you. You've now completed your first row! For the rest of today, you need to repeat that step 12 more times for a total of 13 rows.


Day 2 (February 15th):

Today is pretty straight forward. You will knit another 13 rows, exactly the same way you did yesterday! 


Day 3 (February 16th):

Today is pretty easy, too. You will knit another 13 rows, exactly the same way you did yesterday! 


Day 4 (February 17th):

We are doing something a little different today. You will start off the exact same as the last two days: knit 13 rows. Once you finish those rows, you are going to cast off your square, which basically means you are tying off all of your active stitches and taking the square off your needles. If you aren't sure how to cast off, check out my tutorial here!


You have officially completed your first square! I'm so proud of your progress and your dedication to make this beautiful prayer blanket.


Are you ready for Week 2?


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