How to teach science for kids

How to teach science for kids

Teaching your kids science can be really difficult, so I'm here to help with some tips and tricks to make the process easier for you and your kids to teach your kids science! Getting your child interested in science can be tricky, especially if you aren't a scientist, so use these ideas as a jumping off point to engage your kids all summer. If you need some more guidance, check out my fully planned experiments for kids!

How to teach science for kids

I have loved science since I was a little kid, so much so that I am currently pursuing my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech! I've also taught a couple of engineering courses at both Georgia Tech and at Georgia State University, and I have a teaching certificate from Georgia Tech on the fundamentals of education. Now, I'm using all of my experience to help you teach your kids about science and help the next generation of scientists!

Science experiment for kids

Keep it Fun

Science can be boring and technical, which your kids will not enjoy. Instead, focus on keeping science fun, even if they don't understand everything they are doing. Help them with experiments, like conservation of momentum or color theory, but don't focus on the science facts. Let them explore and see what they come up with.

Science is all about creativity and figuring things out for yourself. Even if they may not get every scientific fact out of the experiment that they could have, you are teaching them out to do a science experiment and developing a love of learning that is even more important!

Spread it out

Don't try to do an experiment or science lesson every day this summer. Not only will you be overwhelmed with the lesson planning, but your kids won't remember most of it!  Instead, make it a special experience that you do with your kids semi-regularly, so they can remember what they learn without being overwhelmed.

Get help from others

I know that not everyone is a scientist, or even likes science, which can make it difficult to teach your kids. If you aren't comfortable developing or leading your own experiments, then find someone to help you. I have youtube videos that walk you through every step of the experiment and conclude it with the cool science your kids just tried.

Or, if you want to do it yourself, but you really don't have time to come up with a whole bunch of experiments, then get my lab notebooks where the experiment is all laid out for you, and you just walk your kids through it!


Engaging your kids in science can be tricky, but hopefully with these tips and the other resources I have, you can be confident in teaching your kids science all summer!



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