Easter Egg Hunt: Tips and Tricks

Easter Egg Hunt: Tips and Tricks

Are you hosting Easter this year? If so, you will need to plan an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids attending! It can be really tricky to plan one, so I’ve got some tips and tricks for you!

Setting up an Easter Egg Hunt

Setting up an Easter Egg Hunt takes time and planning, so I’ve got some suggestions to take the planning off your plate! With some color-coding, you can create an amazing egg hunt for all ages without a whole lot of effort.

Easter Egg Hunt

Tip 1: Find an area

You will need a decently large space for your Easter egg hunt if you want to spread the eggs out to make the hunt last a while. You will want some open space to hide eggs for little ones, but you will also want some structures, like flower beds or furniture, to hide eggs for the older kids.

Easter Egg Hunt

Tip 2: Sorting the Candy

I personally never fill my eggs anymore! It’s way too much hassle, both for the person organizing and the kids in the hunt. What I do is have buckets of candy that each kid gets to pick their candy from. At the end of the hunt, they bring me all of the eggs they found and get to pick that many pieces from the bucket. No mess, no fuss! I use these stuffed Easter eggs since I don’t want to fill them, and they last forever!

Easter Egg Hunt

Tip 3: Color-code your eggs

I color-code my eggs for each age group so that the big kids can’t steal all of the easy-to-find eggs just because they can run faster. I set age groups usually around 2-4 years old, 5-7 years old, 8-11 years old, and 12 years old and older. For each age group, I assign 1 color of Easter egg, and that group can only find that one egg color. Then, I put all of the eggs for the 2-4 year olds basically out on the grass, and make each age group search a little harder to earn their candy. I personally love using my handmade stuffed Easter eggs, and there are so many color options!

For a bonus tip, I typically pair the egg colors with a matching Easter Basket so that nobody forgets what egg color they are allowed to pick up!

Setting up an Easter Egg hunt can be tricky, but with my tips and products, I’m sure you can plan and set-up your hunt in no-time!

Get your reusable, color-coded stuffed Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets to create the perfect Easter Egg Hunt this year!

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