Seafood recipes for Lent

Seafood recipes for Lent

Struggling to find recipes to follow through on your family's plan to sacrifice meat on Fridays for Lent? I've got quite a few seafood recipes for Lent that I love to use to get ready for Easter!

Seafood recipes for Lent

I tend to focus on fish recipes throughout Lent with more filling sides to be sure everyone in my family is full and enjoys their dinner! Here are my go-to fish recipes for Lent!

Recipe 1: Butter Herb Instant Pot Salmon

This delicious recipe is perfect for a quick meal. It's made in the Instant pot, and usually only takes me about 5 minutes to prep! It's absolutely delicious, and it goes well with so many sides! I typically pair it with air-fried potatoes and a salad to hit all the major food groups.

Recipe 2: Air Fryer Tilapia

Another super easy recipe, you can cook this Tilapia in about 20 minutes total! Just lay out your tilapia in your air-fryer tray, add seasonings, and let it do it's thing! I usually pair this recipe with rice or quinoa and some fruit to round out the meal.

Recipe 3: Bagels with Lox

I personally love smoked salmon, so I always try to work at least one recipe in during Lent featuring this delicious fish. My favorite way to eat smoked salmon is on a bagel with cream cheese and red onions. You could also throw on some capers or other seasoning if you want to spice it up!

Recipe 4: One-pot Spinach Shrimp Pasta

I love pasta, so I always work in at least one pasta recipe every Lent! This pasta recipes is always one of my go-to options because I can cook it all in one pot! Less clean-up after dinner is always a good choice!

Recipe 5: Shrimp Boil

In the South, shrimp boils are staple meals every summer, but I love working them in during Lent too! You cook up shrimp, potatoes, corn, and a bunch of other yummy goodies to make this delicious meal. I don't really follow a recipe for a shrimp boil, but there are so many good options out there if you need some guidance! 

Recipe 6: Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon

This seafood recipe for Lent is another straight-forward fish recipe, but it doesn't need an air-fryer or Instant pot! This recipe is a bit more involved since it's cooked on the stovetop, but the salmon comes out so delicious, it's absolutely work the extra time. I often pair this meal with some broccoli or other steamed vegetable and some oven fries!

Recipe 7: Basic Tortellini Pasta

One of my favorite meals growing up (and still to this day) is a basic creamy tortellini pasta. I buy standard cheesy tortellini from the store, cook the pasta in boiling water, then put it in a new pot to melt in milk and parmesan cheese. This super easy recipe takes all of 20 minutes and is a great crowd-pleaser, especially for kids!


With all of these recipes in your back pocket, you are all set for cooking seafood recipes all Lent long! If you need help planning your Lent sacrifices or finding new traditions, I have so many free resources that you will love!

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