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10 Easter Basket Fillers for Kids

Overwhelmd with preparing for Easter and finding enough Easter Basket filler for your kids? I've got you covered with 10 easy to find Easter basket fillers that your kids will love and can easily fill their Easter basket.

Easter basket filler for kids

One of my favorite Easter traditions is waking up on Easter morning to the presents from the Easter Bunny laid out on our kitchen table. There were always so many cute presents laid out, and I have many fun memories of looking through them. Looking back, I understand why my mom was always so excited to watch us go through what the Easter Bunny left, and the Easter Bunny was very good at his job! I’m helping him out now by providing my top 10 Easter basket fillers for young kids!

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Easter Basket Filler 1: Chocolate

First on the list of my favorite Easter basket fillers is chocolate, especially the seasonal Reese’s Easter Eggs. There is nothing better than chocolate for Easter, and the Reese's Eggs are just the right proportion of peanut butter and chocolate. They are way better than the normal Reese's, which is saying something from me! The fun egg shape adds a festive touch to any Easter basket, and they’re always a hit with kids. Chocolate is a classic Easter basket filler that is sure to bring a smile to any child's face.

Easter Basket Filler 2: Fidget Toys

Next up, fidget toys. If your family is anything like mine, you can't ever sit still. Fidget toys have always been popular in our Easter baskets! Some of my favorites are spinners, fidget cubes, and squishy stress balls. They're great for keeping little hands occupied during long car rides or waiting for appointments. They also help promote focus and reduce anxiety. Fidget toys are a fun and functional addition to any Easter basket.

Easter Basket Filler 3: Legos

Another great addition to an Easter basket is a Lego set. Kids love building things, and Legos are perfect for fostering creativity and imagination. They come in a variety of themes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your child's interests and skill level. Legos also provide a great opportunity for parents and kids to spend quality time together building and creating. An Easter basket with a Lego set is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Easter Basket Filler 4: Kite

A kite is another fun item to include in an Easter basket. Spring is the perfect time to fly a kite, and it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Kites come in all shapes and sizes, from simple single-line kites to more complex stunt kites. A kite is a great way to encourage kids to spend time outside and get some exercise. It’s also a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together. You can even recreate the scene from Mary Poppins if your family loves that movie as much as mine does!

Easter Basket Filler 5: Art Supplies

If your child is creative, consider adding art supplies to their Easter basket. You can include paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils, or sketch pads. You can also add stickers, stamps, or stencils to help them create their masterpieces. Encourage your child to express themselves through art and see where their imagination takes them. 


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Easter Basket Filler 6: Funny Socks

Funny socks are a great way to add some personality to an Easter basket. Kids love fun and colorful socks with silly patterns or designs. My personal favorite socks right now are Pi socks that my parents gave me for Christmas this past year, so I would love to get a pair of fun socks in my Easter basket. They can wear them to school or show them off to their friends. Socks are a practical gift that kids will actually use, and they add a playful touch to an Easter basket. With so many fun sock options available, you’re sure to find a pair that will make your child smile.

Easter Basket Filler 7: Stuffed Animals

Next up, stuffed animals are a classic Easter basket present for a reason - kids love them! Choose a soft and cuddly bunny, chick, or lamb that they can snuggle with all year long. You can even find stuffed animals that light up or make noise, adding an extra element of fun to this classic gift.

Easter Basket Filler 8: Gardening tools

Easter is a great time to start gardening, and what better way to get your child interested in gardening than by including gardening tools and seeds in their Easter basket? You can include child-sized gloves, a shovel, and a variety of seeds for flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Your child will love getting their hands dirty and watching their seeds grow into beautiful plants. I still have the gardening gloves I used when I was 4 to help my dad plant flowers every spring!

Easter Basket Filler 9: Puzzles or board games

 Easter is a great time for families to spend quality time together, and what better way to do that than with a puzzle or board game? You can choose a puzzle or game that is age-appropriate for your child and make it a family activity for Easter afternoon. This will not only provide entertainment, but it can also help with cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

Easter Basket Filler 10: Books

 Lastly, books or magazines are a fantastic addition to an Easter basket. Encouraging your child to read is always a great idea, and including a book or magazine in their Easter basket can be a perfect way to do so. Choose a book or magazine that matches your child's interests or age group. You can also include a bookmark or reading light to make reading even more enjoyable. Reading not only helps with literacy skills but also encourages imagination and creativity. Hop on Pop will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first book I learned to read!

Easter baskets are a fun way to make the holiday more special for your child. By including unique gifts like gardening tools, art supplies, puzzles or board games, Lego sets, kites, or books, you can make Easter morning more exciting and encourage your child to explore new interests. If you are still looking for the perfect Easter basket for your family, don't forget to check out my handmade baskets!


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