Easy Teacher Gifts: Coffee Cozies

Easy Teacher Gifts: Coffee Cozies

With teacher appreciation week coming up, it's time to start planning what to give to your kid's amazing teachers that they won't get three of! In an effort to help you come up with great and unique ideas for teacher gifts, I've curated a list of my own personal favorites!

Easy Teacher Gifts

Working with kids means teachers need tons of energy, and many of them get a little extra boost from coffee or tea! Give them a little boost with a Starbucks giftcard and a coffee cozy this season!

You can tie on a Starbucks giftcard to a coffee cozy to give a gift you know your kid's teacher will love! Especially if you choose this adorable pencil cozy!


A themed coffee cozy is a great present, especially if you know your kid's teacher likes Harry Potter! These Hogwarts-inspired coffee cozies come in a pack of 4 for only $25.

If you aren't sure if your kid's teacher loves Harry Potter, you can't go wrong with an Apple coffee cozy! It's the perfect gift for your kid's teacher, and you can bet that you will be the only one gifting them this adorable, handmade gift!


Gifting to your kid's teacher can be challenging and time consuming, but buying a few of these cozies and a couple of giftcards makes this year's teacher appreciation week a breeze! But hurry, they won't be in stock for long, so get your teacher gifts now!




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